Duck hunting on the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife Refuge on the border between Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.  Miles upon miles of public land and refuges. It's the beginning of the mighty Mississippi Flyway. A fabled area with a lot of well known history. Yes, it attracts ducks and duck hunters a like.


Knowing what we know now, we can positively say there are many better and easier places to be a die hard duck hunter. But this is where we grew up, it's where we call home, and hunting this 100 mile stretch of river is how we live our life over the course of a 60 day duck season every fall.

Part 1: EARLY SEASON - Let's go.


The early part of duck season is usually as predictable as they come. A few teal, plenty of wood ducks, hot weather, early mornings, mosquitoes, and a lot of competition. It's usually just the precursor of things to come.....but mother nature had other plans this year. The first part of this season played out unlike other we've ever seen before.



After an incredible start to our duck hunting season on the Upper Mississippi River, the middle of the season has a lot to live up to. After being closed for a 10 day "split", the bigger ducks usually start to arrive in force. This "2nd opener" is a day we look forward to all year long.


Combine that weekend with a traditional week long hunt in Canada, the meat of the duck season is when we really start to put the hammer down!



The end of the season always creeps up on us on the Upper Mississippi River. As the wind switches to the North and cool nights turn to bitter chill, things happen fast in a duck hunters world.


We wrap up this duck season in typical late season style. Some days good, some days bad, but always an adventure!


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