Gooseview Photo Gallery - Blinds vs Whites
Snow Goose hunters have laid out in "whites" for years. There is a time and place for every tactic and when it comes to snow geese, every day and situation is different. But as you can see on a cloudy day in a field with minimal cover, you're better off placing your blinds door to door and packing decoys tight (almost touching) around the blinds to help hide your crew.

More decoys = a better hide

There is no way around it. The more decoys you have at your disposal, the better hide you can create for yourself. When setting a big spread, always start by placing the blinds where you want them. Then focus on getting the decoys around the blinds placed. As you feel the blinds getting more and more invisible you can start to string groups off the main wad.

Here you can clearly see the difference in hide when you take a spread from 800 decoys to 1500 decoys. The larger masses of decoys will help spread the focus away from the "something is different" area the hunters are hiding in.


We've always said if birds are flaring off your spread, it's not because of the things in the field that look like geese (your decoys). They're seeing YOU.


When you're hunting snows, you're hunting a situation. Sun, wind, cover, and the "right" birds. Keep scouting until you find your situation....and learn how to REALLY hide....that's when things start to come together.

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