The Mob and Da Blonde

It was a sunny day in early November in North Dakota. After 4 days of hard scouting and tough hunting, we stumbled upon the mother load. After finding and hooking up with a new friend, the stage was set. We knew it was going to be good....we had no idea it was going to be....this.....

You never remember the days it almost happened. You are never jacked at the end of the hunt where you almost did it. This was my one. The day that we made it happen, the day I got jacked.


Over the years our blood has flowed white and blue as we chased snows, learned from them, beat them, and got beat by them. This year, this hunt, we took that knowledge and moved forward. There are a few things that day in and day out simply make it happen; realism, numbers, concealment. The numbers draw them off the line. The realism locks them up, makes you take that breath, tap your trigger or simply watch in awe. The concealment takes it to them, changes the game, you no longer exist, you are invisible.


This was my day, when will yours be?



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