There are duck hunters. And there are goose hunters. Then --- there are WATERFOWL hunters. The guys that live and breathe the sport. No single focus, just taking the opportunities as they come. It depends on where and when you are at any particular point in the season. These are our guys, they are YOU.


We've designed the White Rock Decoys system to help you be a WATERFOWL hunter. Giving you the tools and the spread you need to take on any opportunity any time it shows its self.


In this special Nomad Chronicles - Waterfowl TV production our friend Jon Lewis, host of Cabela's Northern Flight TV, walks us through his up and down season chasing Canada Geese in the midwest last year.


You can get your waterfowl season started extra early if you are willing to make the trek to North Dakota in August. And that's what Jon and his buddies did. On a wing and prayer they loaded up the back of the truck with early season success on their minds.


Over the course of a season not every canada goose hunt plays out in typical fashion. For the open minded and well equipped waterfowl hunter, you can get out of the field hunting rut with some hard scouting and little leg work. And that's exactly what Jon Lewis and the boys did during the mid part of the season. Capitalize on the opportunities as they come, no matter where they come!


Those big late season cold fronts are what makes or breaks a Canada Goose hunting season. As bird numbers peak, new opportunities are created daily. Around this area the corn is the most consistent, but it can be really tough to get permission on. So we'll often look for the last big splash of the year to happen on the icing up river systems.

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