White Rock Collapsible Foam Fullbodies.

The secret behind White Rock Collapsible Fullbody Decoys lies in the engineering of our patent pending Cram-Flex material. From concept to launch we've spent over 4 years bringing this product to life. Knowing all too well the expense and storage down falls of the current hard and semi-hard plastic decoys on the market, we set out to create a realistic and affordable alternative made out of a soft crushable material that could be stored more like our windsocks than a traditional fullbody decoy.


Cram-Flex is a NEW never before seen material! It's a thick, durable rubberized foam material that holds it's shape really well compared to collapsible decoys of the past. It's as light as a feather, with a dozen decoys and stakes weighing in at less than 5 pounds per dozen!

Collapsible fullbodies Canada Geese

Friction Fit Motion System
One of the huge advantages of these light weight decoys is the motion they provide on light wind days compared to hard plastic decoys. Motion kills, period.....and these babies will add a ton of realistic movement to your spread!

Each decoy features our Friction Fit Motion System. It has a large easy to find motion tube and a friction mechanism that connects the decoy to the stake. This system provides the option of controlled movement in high winds, or a free flowing life-like dance in the slightest breeze.

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"My 7 year old kid can carry

     5 DOZEN in 2 bags
           into the field by himself!"

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