Collapsible Fullbody Specklebellies

No one knows what "humpin' it in" means more than a die hard speck hunter. From the rice patties of Arkansas to the marsh bogs of California, there is know doubt those stud bar bellies reside in tricky places. Getting to them with a realistic decoy spread has always been step one in putting white fronts on the ground.


No longer is that an issue with the introduction of White Rock Decoys highly anticipated Collapsible Fullbody Specklebelly Decoys! We heard the cries from hunters in the deep South, far West, and frigid North, we NEED this new Cram-Flex technology in a speck decoy. This proprietary crushable material is a thick and durable rubberized foam unlike anything that has been used in the waterfowl world before. It allows the decoys to compact down, while remaining as light as air. Carrying in Specklebelly decoys will never be a problem again as a dozen collapsible fullbodies weigh less than 5lbs!


So whether you're hoofin' em in by the dozens, filling every last inch of the trailer, or just want to bulk up your speck spread without breaking the bank or you back, White Rock Collapsible Fullbody Specklebelly Decoys are the dream you've been waiting for. Fulfill this dream and buy White Rock collapsible full body specklebelly decoys online in our store today!


These life-size decoys come in 6 packs with 2 uprights and 4 feeders. They include 24" fiberglass ground stakes and the Friction Fit Motion System for turn on a dime movement in light winds and controlled sway during northern gales.

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