Upright Blue Goose Decoys

The best 3D headed windsock decoy on the market. Period!

The heads for our blue goose decoys are made of a specially engineered NO-SHINE soft plastic shell which follows the White Rock philosophy of being durable, storable, light weight, and ultra-realistic! They screw directly into the support system allowing them to turn and move with the body of the decoy. They are also multi-positionable giving you the option to mount each head facing straight, slightly to either side, or at a hard angle for a truly customized look.


Featuring new graphics, we'll put White Rock Upright Headed Blue Goose Decoys up against ANY other snow goose decoy on the market in terms of realism and versatility.


When you buy our upright / active blue goose windsock decoys online, they come with FULLY ASSEMBLED bodies and Tuf-snap Collapsible Support Systems! That's right, now all you have to do is screw the multi-positionable head on and you're ready to hunt.

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