White ROck Decoys Loyal NOMad Hunt club

Are you a White Rock Decoys believer?  Do you embody the essence of a Nomad.

Live it, share it, and get rewarded!


What it is:

The Loyal Nomad Hunt Club is our pseudo "Pro-Staff" program. We've never been much for the black hoodie brigade, but appreciate the willingness of many of our loyal customers to help promote White Rock Decoy products. This is our way of saying "Thanks" for those who want to help promote White Rock Decoys.


How to Qualify:

In order to start getting killer deals, you have to prove you know what it takes to promote the Nomad lifestyle.



1. Hunt over White Rock Decoys.



2. Submit your on-line loyalty activities. Loyalty activities can be consist of many things:


- Photos: Take pictures with WRD in them. It doesn’t always have to be a pile pic, and if it is the pile doesn’t have to be big. But put thought into the quality of the picture. Share your pics through the avenues below.

Pro-style Photos: Got an eye for imagery? Send us your pro-style photos for use in WRD marketing materials for bonus bucks!

-Videos: High quality edited hunt videos are awesome! Chopped up cell phone clips probably won’t make the cut. Share and post your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and hunting message boards. The more views the better!

-Facebook: Share and like posts from WRD. Post your high quality hunt photos and videos on your facebook page, and WRD page. Tag White Rock Decoys in posts. Comment and engage in conversations on WRD facebook page.

-Message Boards: Be an active participator on a number of your favorite hunting forums. If a question comes up asking about anything White Rock Decoys related, answer it with dignity and truth. We don’t condone bashing competitors, but explain why you choose WRD. Share your hunting reports coupled with high quality photos and videos and mention WRD. If you see any WRD bashin, reply with dignity, and send us the link so we can monitor and learn from complaints.

-Product reviews: Visit our dealers websites and write thorough and truthful reviews on White Rock Decoy products.

-Dealer Contacts: Do you know the owner of a local sporting goods store? Connect them with us!

-Waterfowl Shows: It takes a special type of person to represent White Rock Decoys at retail shows. Contact us if you are interested.

-More ideas? We’re open to any sort of loyalty you can think up!



3. Submission

Submit your detailed loyalty activities to info@whiterockdecoys.com. The more links and effort you display the better.



What's in it for me?  - Product Discounts!

The more genuine loyalty you are able to show us, the larger discount we will be able to offer.

Product discounts are based on our discretion. We are very fair and more heavily base discount level on the quality of your loyalty activities, not always the quantity. Make the pictures count. Spend that extra time editing your hunt videos, and put them places where they get the most exposure.


The effort you put towards the program will show. Simply “liking” all our facebook posts won’t cut it. Do a solid combination of the above to achieve the largest loyalty credit.


10% off – Slightly Nomadic

20% off – Standard Nomad

30% off – Serious Nomad Addiction


*Special Note!

All those part of the WRD Loyal Nomad Hunt Club will receive special offers and insider emails on overstock, super sale promotions, and pre-sales that are never available to the public.



For more information

on White Rock Decoys Loyal Nomad Hunt Club please email info@whiterockdecoys.com.


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