Mallard Decoys

The most realistic soft plastic Greenhead and Hen Mallard windsocks ever designed! Incredibly versatile whether it's dry fields, flooded rice, river sandbars, or shallow sheet water, White Rock Mallard decoys will instantly provided your spread the size, mobility, and realism you need.


Now you can easily transport 120 decoys in your truck, trailer, or boat in the space it used to take for 1 dozen hard plastic decoys. The realism and numbers provide you with the advantage to finish birds closer and be more successful day in and day out.


Our "over-sized" Headed Mallard Decoy packs come with 6 upright drakes and 6 feeder hens. Tuf-Snap Collapsible Support Systems and 24" fiberglass ground stakes come standard. If you would like to add to your mallard spread with some, ultra-realistic windsocks, buy our headed mallard windsock decoys online in our web store today!

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