2018 Spring Migration Reports

2-6-18 - A Chilly Week Down South

Reports have slowed a little this week as cooler weather had birds acting less favorable than the previous weeks smash. However most groups are still doing well above "average" for spring snow goose hunting. This really is shaping up to be a banner year.

A big early jump out of their wintering grounds is not likely to happen this year. As things progress towards the middle of February the migration North will really heat up. Things can happen fast and it's always up to Ma Nature, but I wouldn't look for much change in the situation until after Valentines day.

The snow line solidified across Iowa and Nebraska over the weekend. Not deep, but it's white out there now. That MO bootheal area and South is going to be the staging ground for the foreseeable future. Hunt the feeds, get some sun and wind and you will be golden this year!



1-30-18 - Arkansas Opener

Yesterday was opening day of the 2018 conservation order and the reports coming out of Arkansas were.....HUGE! It "seemed" like every single group that hunted put a big pile of birds on the ground yesterday.  Obviously that is not true, but man the big day pictures were flowing. A decent wind and hot fields made for success across the board.  A great start to 2018!

Most other states have to wait for a few more days before they crank up the callers and extend the tubes. But word on the street is there are snows hanging around in SE MO and Illinois. These birds likely won't be as friendly as the ones further South, but as with any opening day, you never know what can happen!

The season is open through the end of the week in Arkansas before taking a couple days break. We expect the success to continue with out any major weather disruptions in sight. If you're there, lucky you!  Post up some pics and tag us! @WhiteRockDecoys



1-23-18 - So Close We Can Taste It!

Can you feel that? Yeah, that's the 2018 Spring Snow Goose Conservation Season. Opening day in the South is less than a week away and the anticipation is as high as ever this year. Fall hunts from up and down the flyway showed HUGE juvy numbers. Some of the hunts coming out of North Dakota in November were as big as we've ever seen. The pile pics have started showing up in Arkansas already before the CO season even starts. It all builds up to what promises to be a spring to remember!

As for your pre-season report, as expected snows are deep into their wintering grounds. It's been a cold January! A few birds are hanging around Kansas and Colorado, but most are well South into Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Scout 'em hard now if you haven't, because they aren't going any where before opener!

We'll be updating this report every couple days throughout the spring season! Book mark it and come back!

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