Flocked Head Rockonomy Silhouette Decoys

Silhouette decoys have been a staple amongst Canada Goose hunters for generations, and as the leader in mobile decoy designs, we are excited to bring you this traditional decoy White Rock style! 

These flat silhouettes feature flocked heads which make for an unbelievably realistic decoy. Combined with the extra thick fluted plastic body material, ultra matte photo-realistic printing, and top inserted tempered steel power stakes, White Rock Silhouettes are a true run-n-gun decoy with a drawing power that blows traditional flats out of the water.


The Canada Goose Rockonomy Silhouettes come per dozen, with 4 feeders, 4 searchers, and 4 uprights. The 20" tempered steel POWER stakes are designed to stay with the decoy, while giving you leverage to push them into hard or frozen ground from the top. Visit our online store if you would like to buy 3D flocked head 3D looking silhouette canada goose decoys online!

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