White Rock Flocked Head

Silhouette Decoys

Silhouette decoys have been a staple amongst Canada Goose hunters for generations, and as the leader in mobile decoy designs, we are excited to bring you this traditional decoy style with a White Rock twist! 

The dark printing and flocked heads make for an unbelievably realistic decoy. Combined with the extra thick fluted plastic body material, ultra matte photo-realistic printing, and top inserted tempered steel POWER stakes, White Rock Canada Goose Silhouettes are a true run-n-gun decoy with a drawing power that blows old school flats out of the water.

• Flocked heads make for the most
   realistic fullbody appearing silo decoy ever!


• Extra THICK 2D fluted body material.


• Double ultra-matte outdoor grade overprint
  for a dull and never fading body print.


• Powder coated tempered steel top inserted
  POWER stakes.

Cutting Edge Features

Per Dozen

(4 uprights, 4 searchers, 4 feeders)

Silhouette decoys
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