Gooseview Photo Gallery - Snow Goose Spreads
When you're talking snows, you're talking the BIG TIME. Big time spreads, big time commitment, and BIG TIME rewards. Nothing about chasing these birds is easy, and when you have put forth the investment you want to make your hunt work every time. If you are searching for snow goose decoy spread pictures, here is a look at some standard and some unique set ups that will help your group take on whitey.

Approx. 1200 decoys.

This is a straight forward corn field set up with fairly skinny cover. Extra care was taken around the blinds by placing a large pod of decoys around them. This is a successful tactic when done correctly, just make sure not to outline or frame the area the blinds are in. Make the group of tightly packed decoys large enough to seem well as placing other groups of tightly packed decoys throughout the spread. Pay attention to how the birds are reacting to your spread. Never be afraid to rearrange decoys around the blinds if the birds are flaring. The extra 5 minutes is always worth it.

Approx. 1200 decoys.

Beans, water, and tall corn....the perfect field! We love hunting these as all day or multi-day sets. The variation in terrain makes hiding blinds simple on the edge of the high corn. Migrators tend to key on the water/beans, while feeding geese work the strip of corn. We shot geese consistently from sun-up to sun-down for 2 days out this spread. Notice the randomness of the decoy placement...Tight down around the water and then spaced out in small pods throughout the rest of the spread. This simulates a flock of geese that is very comfortable in the field.

Approx. 1000 decoys.

This field was flat as a pancake, but the geese wanted it, and so did we. To hide blinds in this situation we placed decoys very tightly packed (almost touching) throughout the spread. If conditions allow we will often ditch the comfort of our blinds and wear white coats. The water made for a nice edge that the geese would hit and follow up the spread. Notice that even when placing decoys tight, we never run a standard circle, teardrop, or blob...always get some variation in the looks of the spread to stand apart from the standard looking circle on the hill spread.

Approx. 1400 decoys.

The only open water within sight and migrating snow geese go together like peas and carrots! This spot was a hay field that had a point extending out into a decent size pond. When hunting flat hay fields, grass pastures, or dirt water edges we pack the decoys pretty dang tight to replicate the look of a pile of roosting snow geese. Tight decoys, a bit of a grass transition edge, and Blind Door Decoys on every blind makes the 6 hunters absolutely disappear in this set. Blinds were set towards the tip of the point, but faced back towards dry ground. Migrating snows most often work over the land and the mass of decoys before they'll work over the open water. There are probably about 900 decoys in this photo with another 500 stretched looser up the point and along the bank to the left.


We rode this set for 4 days during a stretch when temps were just warm enough to trigger a migration, but not warm enough to open any other water around us (highs 30-35 degrees). South winds or North winds, grassy points and open water make for great multi-day spots for early and late migrating snow geese!

Approx. 1000 decoys.

Normally we don't hunt in mostly snow covered fields, but weather conditions this year had massive amounts of geese piled up along the snow line. With a pending snow storm and wind predicated for this day, we decided to set up in the masses and see if we could put down some smart old adults. Hiding blinds in partially snow covered fields tends to be easier because of the contrast in the terrain, especially with the use of snow covers.


When hunting snow geese in snow covered fields we spread the decoys way out to simulate a large feeding flock. Even though the extreme weather that was predicted never materialized, this set worked well and we put a lot of gorgeous nice adult snows and blues on the ground.

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