SPRING IN SASK Season 2 Videos

As the calendar flips to May everyones attention has turned to turkeys and crappies. Most have not thought about goose hunting in months....but here at White Rock Decoys we are waterfowl hunters to our core. The drive never wavers.


Join us as we literally take you along on a final trip north, to the end of the road as they say. A special hunt, a special bird. It's one last chance at snow goose glory. Spring in Saskatchewan. A true nomad adventure!

SPRING IN SASK Season 1 Videos

Our first spring snow goose hunt in Saskatchewan, the anticipation has long been built. Now are they going to play? The field is HOT, but we wake up to calm conditions and birds that never left the section. Not ideal. Lets give it a go and see how our first day is going to play out!

After a successful first day hunting spring snow geese in Saskatchewan, Canada we continue to look for our grove on day 2. With another massive feed of snows to hunt the stage was set again.


An overnight and morning rain turned today into more of an adventure than we bargained for. But a bang up hunt and a unique trophy to bring home gets us set into the MEAT of this spring snow goose hunting adventure in Saskatchewan!

Just as we are hitting our stride going into hunt #3 mother nature lobs up a juicy one as we wake to find conditions every spring snow goose hunter dreams about...FOG and WIND. Whoa buddy! After the previous 2 days have worked so well with very average conditions we are brimming with excitement for what promises to be the hunt of this spring snow goose hunting trip!

Over 200 snow geese have already hit the ground during our spring Saskatchewan goose hunting adventure. We've got one more go at these guys before we point south and they vanish to the North until September. We have a mega snow goose feed lined up just a couple miles from the previous days limit in the fog....but cold and no wind conditions for our final morning hunt have us wondering if these adult snow geese will really play one more time.

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