White Rock Blind Door Decoys

Total blind concealment is imperative when waterfowl hunting, especially for snow geese when group sizes can be 5-10+ hunters in one field. Grassing layout blinds with natural cover from the field you’re hunting in is always a must, but grassing alone doesn’t hide the distinct edges and shadow lines of a blind.



Why Traditional Blind Concealment Fails

Using decoys to help hide blinds isn't a new tactic, but often time’s hunters will actually accentuate the blind placement without even knowing it. Placing decoys closely around the blinds helps, but this approach can leave blinds framed or outlined making them even more visible to vertically decoying snow geese.


Using decoys on taller than normal stakes or flyers around the blinds is also a popular tactic, but if you look at your spread from an overhead point of view you quickly discern this actually draws more attention to the area the blinds are in. An oversized shell decoy strapped to the doors or foot bag does the same thing, draws more attention to being different than actually covering up the blind. A deflated crumbled up sock zip tied to the stubble straps doesn't look like a goose or gain you any coverage either.


Anything different in the spread that geese can focus on is bad.....you want the spread to look uniform and that means decoys at the same height, that look the same.

 Gen II

Pitched Base that locks the decoy firmly to both hard AND soft sided blinds!


Dual-Pivot Adjustment System that allows the decoy to be adjusted
  to sit upright and perform perfectly....ANYWHERE on ANY BLIND,
  no matter the angle of the doors!


Soft Plastic Heads to keep the decoys light-weight
  while offering the ultimate in realistic concealment!

The BDD Advantage

Our patented Blind Door Decoys offer a level of layout blind concealment never seen before. The engineer-designed base allows the decoy to hook into almost any blind door stubble straps quickly and securely. They feature stakes just long enough to get the decoy above the stubble allowing them to fill, turn, and bounce with the slightest breeze while keeping them at a uniform height and creating shadows just like the rest of your spread.


When it’s time to “take ‘em”, the decoys snap out of the way as easily as your layout doors would normally open. Blind Door Decoys will never hinder or get in the way when coming up for the shot. Of course, in true White Rock fashion our BDD’s feature the Tuf-snap Collapsible Support System and a collapsible base stake so they can fold up in your blind to save time and storage space during set up and take down.

Patent Pending
bliND Door Decoys
Featuring the NEW
Dual-Pivoting Pitched Base
Gen II NEW Features

More Features

• Collapsible base stake and Tuf-snap Collapsible
  Support System allow the decoy to be stored fully
  connected to the blind for easy set up and storage.


• 10" base stake to get the decoy up off the blind just
  above the stubble straps allowing the bags to quickly
  fill with air.


• High quality printed windsock bags.

A Must Have For: -Groups large and small -Over-sized blinds -Fields with minimal cover -Dog blinds -Guides and outfitters

We sell Gen II BDD's in 2 packs with heads (the snow comes in a headless 3 pack option) enough for an average sized layout blind. They come fully assembled ready to hunt!

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