Canada Goose Windsock Blind Door Decoys

Product image 1Canada Goose Windsock Blind Door Decoys
Product image 2Canada Goose Windsock Blind Door Decoys
Product image 3Canada Goose Windsock Blind Door Decoys
Product image 4Canada Goose Windsock Blind Door Decoys

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Total blind concealment is imperative when waterfowl hunting. Grassing layout blinds with natural cover from the field you're hunting in is always a must, but grassing alone doesn't hide the distinct edges and shadow lines of a blind. Our patent pending Blind Door Decoys offer a level of layout blind concealment never seen before. The new engineer-designed base allows the decoy to hook into any blind door stubble straps quickly and securely. They feature stakes just long enough to get the decoy above the stubble allowing them to fill, turn, and bounce with the slightest breeze while keeping them at a uniform height just like the rest of your spread.


When it's time to "take em", the light weight decoys snap out of the way as easily as your layout doors would normally open. Blind Door Decoys will never hinder or get in the way when coming up for the shot. Of course, in true White Rock fashion our BDD's feature the Tuf-snap Collapsible Support System and a collapsible base stake so they can fold up in your blind to save time and storage space during set up and take down.


We sell BDD's in 2 packs, enough for an average sized layout blind. The Canada Goose BDD's come with printed windsocks and are fully assembled ready to hunt!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kevin L.
Windsock blind door decoy

I just purchased these and used these decoys, and they worked awesome to help I hide my blind in a field with little cover. They appear to be a durable sock decoy that will help me put more geese on the ground.

Clancy B.
Proved to be worth every penny.

I bought a few sets of these at the start of last season , and I was not disappointed. Considering concealment sets the pace for the day every time we hit the field I will not be going back out without them. The one suggestion I will make is don't run these with just a spread of full body's. Buy a dozen or two socks to mix in with the spread so your main movement isn't just on your blinds. Happy hunting!

Jay J.
Blind decoys

These decoys work great to help conceal coffin blinds. Easily attach to the doors. I had geese coming from behind and landing next to my blind. Well worth it!

Richard H.
blind door dekes

we bought two sets of the collapsable full bodied Canada goose BDD, two sets of the Canada goose wind sock BDD with flocked heads, one set of the snow goose wind sock BDD and two sets of the duck BDD with flocked heads so we could spread our layout blinds in our combination field spread of snows, black geese and ducks. We'll let you know how it works out, headed for our annual trip to Saskatchewan in Oct.

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