BE A NOMAD - What Does It Mean?

Sure, we sell decoys, but more so we promote a cutting edge style of waterfowl hunting.

Bird numbers across North America have exploded. Not only snow geese, but canada geese and mallards are also at record high populations. Unfortunately pressure and competition for these birds is as fierce as ever.

In order to be successful on a daily basis, you need to set yourself apart from the standard and we want to help you learn how to do it.

Scout Hard

This is nothing new. Scouting has been the #1 rule to successful waterfowl hunting forever. You just have to have the discipline to do it! Don't be afraid to skip a 1/2 day of hunting because you don't have a decent looking field lined up. And if it's not happening where you are, take one for the team and go find something better for the afternoon. You never remember the hunt you almost had, so scout hard, scout smart (peak times in peak areas), and know the birds and situation you are looking for...and you'll find the hunt you really want.


Big Spreads (Realistic Sized)

Whether it be snows, specks, canadas, or ducks, these birds are getting hunted hard for almost 7 months out of the year! They're old, smart, and have a safety in numbers mentality. They bunch up in huge groups (hundreds - thousands) and a lot of times we're hunting them coming off big refuges with fierce competition from our fellow hunters.

Whether you're trying to convince a group of Canada geese that are used to hanging with 200-1,500 of their closet buddies, or a group of snows that are comfortable with 30-50,000 of their cousins packed fence line to fence these scenarios, the size of your decoy spread absolutely matters!

This is where White Rock Decoys help you! If you're trying to put together a big spread of hard plastic fullbodys, $400-$600 for a dozen decoys is only realistic to a certain point. And years later when you do finally build your numbers, you can't store them, you can't transport them without a huge gas hawgin' trailer, and you can't set them up efficiently (especially if you can't drive your truck into the field!).

All our decoy options are meant to be mobile and cost effective designs so you can more easily build the size of your spread and stay on the hot feed. Imagine the difference in drawing power and concealment ability (step #3) that 300 decoys has over 50, or 1,500 has over 500? 


    -You can easily store bags of any of our decoy styles in the bed of your truck (which helps with the scouting)

    -The realism, functionality, and durability of White Rock Decoys compared to other decoys on the market are well documented.


Once you're in the right spot (step #1), you've got your spread out (step #2), the only thing left to do is get them to do it right.

An old rule we've proven time and time again, no matter what kind of decoys you have out....if the birds aren't finishing right or flaring off, it's not the things in the field that look like birds (the decoys) that are doing it! More than likely, they're seeing the hunters. The advantage of a big spread of White Rock Decoys is that you can use the decoys to hide your blinds better than any other decoy. Check out our one of a kind Gooseview Photo Gallery for detailed tips and tricks on how to do this in the most realistic way. In short, it is important to pack decoys tight around the hunters, use Blind Door Decoys or Tall Boys to help fill the voids and erase the humps, and stay covered up! Top it off with face masks for everyone and steady dogs that stay hidden, and you'll be in business.

It's a funny feeling to explain, but once you learn how to hide your group well in a BIG decoy spread, it becomes 2nd nature....and the next time you jump in to hunt your buddies "big" fancy fullbody spread, you'll almost feel naked.

You did it once, now go do it again. The best part of a mobile set up, is you can pick 'em up, pack the back of the truck, and hit the gravel again.

The glory days are now for those who want them. Hunt a lot, set yourself apart, and finish them with confidence.


Be A Nomad.

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