Storage Issue... Solved!
Full body goose decoys are impractical to set up, take down, and store in large numbers, especially those that sit on motion stakes.
Other supported windsock style decoys are awkward to set up and tear down because of their bulk and shape.


The Tuf-Snap Collapsible Support System allows a waterfowl hunter to store 100's - 1000's of decoys without hassle. No need for a 24' trailer to accommodate full bodies. No more stakes poking and ripping holes in your equipment. Just smash 'em in your storage bags by the arm full and you're ready to roll.


Effortless Set Up and Tear Down
Large numbers of White Rock Decoys can easily be set in no time because the Tuf-Snap Collapsible Support System self deploys with out any extra effort. When it's time to wrap up the hunt, the decoys fold down quick and easy and can be taken back to their storage bags arm fulls at a time. This is a huge advantage when dealing with large spreads, especially in the spring when fields are muddy and time is precious.

Tougher than a Rock

When you make an investment in a huge spread you want decoys that will stand up to the seasonal grind. Unlike many decoys that have steel stakes, White Rock Decoys feature fiberglass stakes that will never bend or break even in frozen ground conditions. They'll also never rust or stain your decoys like steel stakes will.

The Tuf-Snap Collapsible Support System is constructed out of a specially engineered UNBREAKABLE plastic rod that is rigid, yet flexible. The high density molded nylon stake swivel will never crush or crack and allows for 360° of motion. When you combine all of these factors, you end up with the most durable windsock decoy on the market. We're so proud of that fact that we offer a Lifetime Warranty on our products, an unheard-of promise amongst other windsock decoy companies.

Unmatched Realism in Windsock Decoys
Our bag designs feature color schemes and feather designs taken directly from real birds. No artist's interpretations here, the size, shape, colors, and design of White Rock windsocks are spot on.

Light Weight
The huge advantage of windsock decoys over other types of decoys is their light weight. White Rock Decoys are no exception. The Tuf-Snap Collapsible Support System is made with tough, ultra-light materials that add only minimal weight. The fiberglass decoy stakes are much lighter than steel, and will never rust. A bag full of 250+ decoys can still easily be carried around a field.

Other Advantages

-The support system was designed to swivel freely on the stake so the decoy will rotate with any directional change in the wind. No more turning decoys!


-The sturdy 24" Fiberglass stakes allow you to keep decoys off the ground and clean, even in flooded fields, ponds, sheet water,and pea soup mud.


-Hide blinds and hunters better than low-profile sillosocks or full bodies.


-Drain holes are punched in the bottom of each bag so the decoys don't collect water if left out in a rain storm.

Never too Windy!
The windsock body, sturdy fiberglass stake and rock solid support design work together to eliminate the "death thrash" that is a common problem with Sillosocks, Dive Bomb, and other thin steel staked windsock decoys when the wind really starts buckin'. High wind days can be a waterfowl hunters best friend, but not if your decoys are out of control or blowing across the field!



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