Every good idea should begin with beer and a Mississippi River sand bar camp fire.

That is exactly where our story started. It was summer of 2009, fresh out of college, and as with most summers, all we were really doing was wasting time and thinking about fall.

"There's got to be a better way. - What if "it did this".

The vision had been born.

By late summer 2009 we had working prototypes of the "Tuf-snap Collapsible Support System", the first ever collapsible windsock decoy back support. We released it to the snow goose hunting world that fall. The response was great with some big industry names praising the design. It was a first of its kind.

As with any small company, there were a lot of late nights spent in the garage the first couple years. But neither girlfriends nor “real” jobs could crush the vision. Every Saturday throughout the winter the boys would get together for another "decoy party". Endlessly packing boxes, counting push nuts, and cutting bungee.

A mid winter "decoy party" spent counting, packing, and shipping. December '10.

Those who have been with us since the beginning remember tying bungee and assembling windsock supports for hours. As we dialed in our manufacturing over the years we were able to offer the best support system on the market fully assembled by the spring of 2012. We rejoiced right along with you.
Over the first 5 years we worked hard to develop the most functional and realistic line of windsock decoys ever to hit a corn field. Partnered with our ground breaking Blind Door Decoys (another first of its kind invention), the popularity of hunting over big spreads of windsocks boomed amongst die hard mobile waterfowl hunters. The system was working, the proof was out there, and we were proud to lead the charge. (They ain't just for snows anymore!)

Crossroads are the Best Roads

At that point we hit a crossroads. We had developed a full line of windsock decoys, but where do we go from there? The drive to take this passion from a hobby to full blown market leader was too strong to let pass. So as most fledgling decoy companies hit a plateau and start to re-cycle what is already on the market, we decided to go "all in" and rethink the rest of the decoy world from our perspective (mobile, durable, lightweight, and cost effective). Flyers, fullbodies, silhouettes, floaters decoys....- "There has got to be a better way!"

As we continue to push the envelope it is clear others have taken notice. Starting from literally nothing just a few short years ago, it is flattering in a way to now be seen as a leader in so many corners of the waterfowl industry. We now continue to face new projects head on with our windsock snow goose hunting philosophy. Mobile and storable without compromising quality, realism, or durability. With the goal to invent something new and better with every step.

The Next Chapter of White Rock Decoys arrived July, 2023.  

An ownership change has become part of our story. After 13 years, 1000’s of gravel miles, and millions of decoys sold, it was time for a couple of the original White Rock Decoy founders to take the next step in their life journey, away from the waterfowl industry. 

But we're excited to announce we've partnered with a new group of humble guys well versed in the outdoor brand space!

What does that mean?! It means we come into future seasons with bigger ideas from fresh minds….and a new chapter for White Rock Decoys. We’re excited for our new product development group, more powerful manufacturing capabilities, and a fully staffed shipping and customer service team! 

A cool part of this transition also had us moving our base of operations across state lines from the original Wisconsin home of White Rock Decoys - to NE Iowa - still within casting distance of the Mississippi River! Our midwest traditions, hunting style, and drive to live the Nomad lifestyle will always be our core values.

The Innovation Has and Will Continue

As die hard duck and goose hunters first, we promise there are more big things to come from this now industry leading company in the future. But in the mean time, if you're reading the reports page, know it's coming from our actual hunting trips. If you've got a warranty issue, take comfort in knowing we’re here to stand behind every product we make. And if you don't get an immediate response to an email in late November, please be patient, as we're probably just out hunting that infamous sand bar on the Mississippi River.
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