***This contest has ended*** 

***This contest has ended***



It's the final week of Dream Spreads and we saved a great one for last. If green is in your blood and you love nothing more than chasing ducks in big numbers (who doesn't?) this is the spread for you!

From early season dry field sets, sheet water transition sloughs, to late season sand bars, the versatility of a mega spread of duck windsocks is something few have, but everyone should want! 

Anyone else think it's weird that the first suggestion some guys give for a field duck decoy is a goose decoy? Yeah, we always thought so too!  Hunt ducks with ducks we say - a bunch of them!  You will hide better, have more drawing power, and position birds where you want them better with 216 field mallard decoys than you will with 24 old clunky fullbody goose decoys.  It's the White Rock windsock decoy system that works because they're made with light weight, indestructible materials, that go in and out fast.

Do you have 216 field mallard decoys?  Probably not - yet!  You could very soon if you win the Dream Spread Giveaway drawing THIS FRIDAY. (Aug. 30th). It's the final week boys, good luck!




Don't think we'd forget about you "other goose" guys! Some may call you fringe, but the fringe is where we like to hang out too! Dream Spread #5 is the perfect Out West, Down South, Far North combo pack.

From Alberta, to Arkansas, to California, your friends will marvel as you add 4 dozen of the lightest weight most realistic EVAC Speck Fullbodies they've ever seen to the set. No one needs an easy-in easy-out realistic spread more than you Speck guys. Seriously these things are the bomb and will change your life forever. 

And just to sweeten the pot, where there are Specks, there are Snows. So another 20 dozen of the most popular snow goose windsock decoys in the world will add to the spread when the game turns to combo sets and big numbers. Collapsible back support, lifetime warranty, yadda yadda.  You know our deal. White Rock Decoys changed the snow goose hunting world back in 2009 and continue to innovate and lead the charge.

When we head to Canada in less than 5 weeks you can bet we'll have all the makings of Dream Spread #5 in our trailer. And you could too if you win the big giveaway on Aug. 30th!


EVAC Duck Decoys


Although we always lean towards numbers first, a hugemongous spread is not always needed when you're playing with ducks. In fact many guys wouldn't know what to do with 200+ fullbody mallard decoys. So Dream Spread #4 is paired down to the perfect number of our new EVAC Series Fullbody Mallards. 5 dozen light weight decoys that will fit in a few Heavy Duty Bags, go in the back of your truck or into the boat, and undoubtedly have the looks to trick ducks from day one until day 60!

They work great in the dry corn and wheat fields of the Midwest. While the water guys will love them on sand bars, levees, sheet water fields, and any other place you can pile ducks near land.

Muddy fields and stale birds? That's a dreary problem. Although not your problem as who else around has 5 dozen exquisitely realistic, efficient, and mobile fullbody ducks at their disposal? Not many.

And can you imagine these babies added to your current dark goose spread to boost realism for the late season green beans in the snow?! Oh boy. If you sign up and win the Dream Spread Giveaway on August 30 this dream could be your reality!

EVAC Snow Goose Decoys


We're into changing the game. And if you're a fall snow goose hunter or a fullbody snow goose hunter, that's exactly what will happen once you get ahold of our new EVAC Fullbodies. They will CHANGE THE WAY YOU HUNT!

They weigh nothing. Look incredible. And movement is second to none. Combined with their fast setting Stay Connect Stake System and a realistic price for guys looking to buy and run 100's of decoys, these are the real game changer in the snow goose hunting world this season.

This fullbody decoy system is what we're moving towards on our fall and spring trips to Canada. 100's of realistic fullbodies that are incredibly mobile and set and tear down fast. Hiding on field edges or in stand up blinds to get the hunters out of the decoys has proven to work unbelievably well up there on what are typically difficult birds to decoy.  Watch the video on this page to see exactly how the mobile system goes in and out of the trailer and fields.

Of course they'll also work in the states in the spring. Ideal for permanent sets or for guys just wanting more realism into their spreads without breaking backs or banks. West coast, we're talking to you too! After testing and running these hard all last fall and spring, we haven't been this excited for a new decoy launch in a long time. Will your excitement translate into 10 dozen new EVAC snows? It may if you win the Dream Spread Giveaway and choose prize pack #3 (8/30)!




The Canada Goose Silhouette Decoy seems to be all the rage these days wouldn't you say? Why? Because the flat out rock!

Simple yet effective. The Silhouette Decoy has become a staple amongst even die hard fullbody guys because of their light weight, easy to haul, easy to store qualities. And over the last 10 years the documentation of their effectiveness has been widely spread.

What makes White Rock Decoys Silhouettes stand apart from the rest are their larger profiles, darker printing with flocked heads (giving you more pop in the field), and the overall durability of the printing and flocking. They're high quality decoys that aren't just another brown flat goose in your spread. They have intentionally been designed to provide the most eye catching drawing power of any silo on the market!

This prize pack is set up perfect for the mobile waterfowl hunter wanting to add huge numbers to their current spread or run a full set of skinnies. 16 dozen (192!) silhouette decoys are plenty to hide you and your buddies.  They'll fit comfortably in 3 Nomad Storage Bags, which have shoulder and back pack straps so you can carry your light weight spread in and out of messy fields.

We're going to mix in 4 dz of our unique sleepers silos for those late season or sand bar loafing hunts.   Can you imagine 48 sleeping geese on your rivers edge? We can - and you could to - if you win the Dream Spread Giveaway and choose prize pack #2!




The Canada Goose Windsock decoy is the number one most versatile product we offer. This spread features 18 dozen (216!) decoys, with the perfect combination of headed to headless decoys for realism, weight, and space savings. Because of our unique and durable Tuf-Snap Collapsible Support System, these 216 decoys fit in two Heavy Duty Storage Bags, and allow you to easily run them out of the bed of you truck! A truly giant mobile dark goose spread that you simply can't build with any other decoy option out there.

This spread is so versatile because it will be effective for Canada Geese of all sizes, as well as being a straight up duck magnet from early September to the end of the grind. From Saskatchewan to Kansas, it excels in dry fields as well as flooded sheet water, mud flats, and sand bars. We love this set up around our home on the Mississippi River because the option to run 216 decoys out of your boat is a true game changer!

Combine the main spread with enough Blind Door Decoys to hide your crew, a couple flyers to run off to the sides and behind the line to help draw birds attention away from the hunters, and a sling bag to hold both. This is a sick spread that is set up exactly how we would run it. Dream Spread #1 will be a hard one to look away from for someone on giveaway day (8/30)!


Final Word

This is a winner takes all giveaway. One big winner. One BIG spread of their choice! Make sure to come back to sign up every week for your best odds to win. If you win, you can only pick from the spreads you signed up to win!


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