EVAC Series Fullbody Canadas

Product image 1EVAC Fullbody Canada Goose Decoy
Product image 2EVAC Fullbody Canada Goose Decoy
Product image 3EVAC Fullbody Canada Goose Decoy White Rock Decoys
Product image 4EVAC Series Fullbody Canadas
Product image 5EVAC Series Fullbody Canadas
Product image 6EVAC Series Fullbody Canadas
Product image 7EVAC Series Fullbody Canadas

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White Rock Decoys new EVAC Canadas have been engineered to be the lightest, quickest setting, most realistic fullbody ever to hit a field.

Whether you're carrying 'em in by the dozens, or just want to bulk up your Canada spread without breaking the bank or your back, White Rock EVAC Series Fullbody Canada Decoys make it easier to get out there.

Simple, functional, realistic and cost effective. As we set out to change fullbodies, we could not simply build something that works, but had to design a masterpiece of innovation. 



- Lightest decoy ever - carry dozens at a time

- Lifelike feeding and walking motion

- Get in, Get out - Lightning fast set up and tear down

- One piece unbreakable EVA soft plastic



The secret is in the details, a complete redesign of a motion cone turned upside down. The Stay Connect Stake System uses the decoy as the motion surface providing 40 degrees of side-to-side motion and unrivaled up down feeding movements. No full spins as the unique cut-out only allows realistic motion. One seemingly simple but intricately engineered piece made from unbreakable plastic that allows for realistic feeding motion.


Problem solved.



Get in - Get out! The quick setting EVAC Fullbodies were designed to have the stakes stay connected to the decoys. Run this way they go in and out of the ground in a one step motion. No more setting your stakes, then trying to place a decoy on them. Combined with the light weight advanced material you can carry 3X more decoys at a time, and your set up and pick up time will be cut in half!

If the mud is thick and you want to keep the decoys and stakes separate, it's just as easy to pop the stay connect stakes off and set as traditional staked fullbodies.


Get in - Get out, with White Rock Decoys EVAC Canada Goose Fullbodies.
Available in 6 packs, with 2 feeders, 2 searchers, and 2 uprights. 24" pointed fiberglass ground stakes come standard.

Customer Reviews

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Lightest, most packable decoy ive ever owned. 1.5-3dz evac fullbodies and 4 dz headed and non headed socks and youve got yourself quiet the spread.


Great looking decoy for the price super lightweight too

Alex Cummins
Must have full bodies

Highly recommend these new full bodies. Super compact and lightweight makes them awesome for places you can’t drive into and need to pack your stuff by hand. My favourite part is the realistic movement in your spread. I currently have 3 dozen added to my spread of shells but I will absolutely be getting at least another 3 dozen to join them. You won’t be disappointed with these !!!

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