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The most realistic Greenhead and Hen Mallard Windsock Decoys ever designed have been updated with new head styles! Whether it's dry fields, flooded rice, river sandbars, or shallow sheet water, White Rock Mallard Decoys will instantly provide your spread with the size, mobility, and realism you need.


Now you can easily transport 120 decoys in your truck, trailer, or boat in the same amount of space it took to transport 1 dozen hard plastic decoys. The realism of these headed windsock decoys along with the ability to to transport large numbers will provide you with the advantage to finish birds closer and be more successful, day in and day out.


Our "oversized" Headed Mallard Decoy pack now comes with 6 upright drakes and 6 upright hens. Tuf-Snap Collapsible Support Systems and 24" fiberglass ground stakes come standard.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Richard D.
Mallard wind socks

Things are great! Add a little wind to the spread and they really come alive. I have 2 dozen now and will be adding more in the very near future!!

Michael T.
Mallard windsocks

appear to be of good quality, a little tricky to put together at first.

Michael M.
Productive mallard windsocks

I purchased these after season close and found them to be very high quality Tyvek print with great detail and colors. Also very good quality 3D heads and the best collapsable backbone support in the market. These mallard socks will work great on 36" stakes in shallow water/shoreline fill-in with floaters farther out. Also great for corn/wheat fields I hunt in. WhiteRock is my go-to decoy company. I have tried them all. 1 of the best features is they sell components separately such as replacement flyer fittings, stakes, backbones, etc.

Patrick B.
Improved Design

Improved design made installation much easier then the ones I have ordered in the past great movement with little wind.

Dillon L.
Awesome Decoys

Until now I've never owned windsock duck decoys. To be honest, I never thought they would work consistently. However, this year I made a complete philosophy change in the way I go about hunting ducks. I sold all my GHG Pro Grade decoys when I became convinced the White Rock Decoys are the real deal. On my trip to Missouri, I used their Nomad series floaters, a half a dozen collapsible full body mallards, and their new frenzy feeder. My only regret is that I didn't have a large enough spread to draw in those weary birds. Not anymore! I just received a dozen headed mallard windsock decoys and I plan on buying at least three to four dozen headless through the course of the coming year. I truly can't wait to use them next year. The fact that I can have a hundred or more decoys ranging from floaters, full bodies, windsocks, and a motion decoy in two White Rock decoy bags is unmatched in my opinion. In the past I could only hope to bring forty or fifty GHG decoys with me to Missouri. Not anymore! These windsocks are going to be a game changer for me. The ease of deployment, durability, realism, and movement that these decoys are going to provide in my spread is going to make a huge difference for me compared to past hunts on those still to light wind days. I'll definitely be writing a second review once I'm able to use them in the field.

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