Decoy Spread Photos: Duck Windsocks

Decoying ducks to a freshly scouted dry field is not always rocket science. But when you have a big time mobile windsock decoy spread that you can deploy in a variety of situations, the rewards of thinking outside the box begin to shine!  To find out how to get the mallards to land at your feet check out our mallard spread pictures below.

Duck Windsock Decoy Spreads

Approx. 300 decoys.

When ducks feed in a dry field, whether it be wheat, corn, or otherwise they are usually bunched up pretty tight. We like to make a big round pod of duck decoys and put the blinds in the upper center of the spread. Decoys should be tight together, within a step or two of each other. The number needed will depend on your situation, but we like to put out enough to do a really good job of covering up the hunter and dog blinds. If it's a hot field, a big spread of duck decoys will have them landing at your foot bags. If you're trying to pull ducks off their path, the more realistic you can look the better!


Mallard Windsock Decoy Spreads

Approx. 250 decoys.

If you've hunted the prairie potholes in the warm part of the early season, you have most likely seen this scenario play out. Birds hitting or just walking into the field right next to the water they are using. When you find a spot like this it's easy to duplicate the look with a combination field and floater spread. In this particular set the mud bank was a perfect transition from the floaters into the field set. Layout blinds in the short cover along the edge of the transition made the hide a breeze. Unlike a straight duck field set where most of the decoys are in front of you, in a combo set like this the birds will splash down finish to the hole in the water so keep those decoys tight. As you can see with just a couple bags of socks and a couple bags of floaters and you've got a great looking spread with some serious drawing power.

Mallard Windsock Decoy Spreads

Approx. 175 decoys.

White Rock Windsock Decoys excel as shallow sand bar and flooded sheet water spreads! This spread was deployed on a popular section of the Upper Mississippi River late in the year when a ton of birds were using the refuge. Inside the refuge they bunch up on sandbars in big groups. When they fly out, they are greeted by hunters lined up with the typical 3-5 dozen hard plastic floating decoys, a spinner, and a boat blind. They get smart to that game in a hurry. The pulling power of a spread that emulates "the refuge" look will win in situations like this every time. It's not always a numbers game with ducks, but when it is, it's nice to have the option and know how to out wit refuge savvy birds.

Approx. 120 decoys.

This beautiful sheet water field spread set the stage for a fantastic afternoon mallard shoot in Manitoba. As you can see the fields were saturated to the bone and driving in anywhere was a pipe dream. With one bag of duck windsocks, some headed but mostly headless, filled up this spot unlike we could have done with any other decoy option. Throwing out 2-3dz floaters wouldn't have fooled 'em on this day. Being ready for any situation is what will make you successful day in and day out!


Duck Windsock Decoy Spreads

Approx. 120 decoys.

A glorious grass edge hide off the side of a large North Dakota pot hole. Whenever we can get the guys hiding outside the decoys we'll take it. This grassy spot leant itself perfectly for 3 layout blinds and ducks worked perfectly out front making for easy decoying shots.


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