WINDSOCKS OR SILHOUETTES: Which Should You Choose for Canada Goose Hunting?


When it comes to hunting Canada Geese over windsock and silhouette decoys, there are a lot of opinions on which is better, or if either even work. The above video is our take on the question which decoy you should choose for goose hunting Canadas in your situation..... Windsocks or Silos.



In short we feel it all comes down to confidence in your decoys. If one will make you feel more comfortable to hunt over than the other for whatever reason, that's the decoy you should go with.


Here are a few more specific reasons we'd point you one direction or the other.



  1. Central Flyway and other areas where there’s usually at least a little wind.

  2. If you hunt over shallow water. The windsocks longer stakes work better over water.

  3. If you want the most durable decoy available.




  1. West Coast or other areas where the wind is not very consistent.

  2. Early seasons where wind is light.

  3. Late season in snow covered fields, the dual pronged silhouette stakes hold the decoys upright in crusty snow or corn stalks better.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? What do you hunt over?

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